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 How does the ToonMe animated app work:


How ToonMe works and how to use the free app that turns you into a Disney Pixar-style cartooning.

How does ToonMe work, the moment app that turns you into a cartoon and allows you to get your own Disney Pixar character avatar: it has become popular in a very short time, a real challenge involving many important characters transformed by users in the cartoon.

Simply download the app and upload a photo or selfie from your gallery and start transforming with the various effects and filters within the app. ToonMe has become a trendy app thanks to the many influencers who, through Instagram and TikTok, have posted their cartoonish version of their photos, recommend the app and spark users' curiosity.

We already revealed to you a long time ago how to transform yourself into a Disney character but now there is a dedicated app that has this and many other effects: that's how it works.

ToonMe free: how to convert your photo into cartoon


First you need to download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store depending on your device, iPhone or Android smartphone.

The app offers a paid subscription (it removes ads, offers unlimited downloads, allows you to save to run and removes the app's watermark) for $ 4.99 per week (with a 3-day free period) or a free version with restrictions.

Once logged in, click "Upload a Photo" and choose whether to upload a photo (upload from photos) or take a temporary selfie. Use the image of your choice and click "Open Photo" and "Open Free" if you have not chosen to subscribe.

You can subscribe to the subscription and then deactivate it before the expiration of three days (at the end of which the automatic weekly payment is turned on).

ToonMe: How does it use photos and data? Privacy and security

After the FaceApp scandal, users are becoming more careful and cautious about this kind of app that can access the gallery and directly edit our face features.

Could granting permission to ToonMe be dangerous? User cannot deny sharing some or some permissions. In the details regarding ToonMe's privacy policy, we read that photos, graphics and photos that have been shared with the app's servers are stored in central databases for a maximum of 14 days and then are automatically deleted.

The use of data and images remains partially hidden but the images are usually used to improve the algorithms and changes applied by the application





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