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Click Assistant - Auto Clicker

Click Assistant - Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker includes tapping, swiping, two-finger pinch-to-zoom,
It helps you with repetitive work, and you have extra time to do other things!
Any click point can be added to the screen via the floating control panel.



  • Easy to use
  • Innovative two-finger swipe and zoom gesture
  • Set click parameters separately, such as delay, touch duration and number of repetitions
  • Possibility to save/load scripts
  • Not Root Required

System Requirements:

  • Requires Android 7.0 or later

Advertisement for accessibility services


  1. This app needs to use the Accessibility Services API to use basic features of the app, such as tapping, swiping across the screen, and other basic features
  2. Usability permission required for Android 12.
  3. This app does not collect and/or share personal or sensitive data using access capabilities

Automatic clicker Tapping

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