PacketStream - Residential Proxy Network

One of the best ways of passive income that you may see in this world is to profit from sharing your internet. Some companies such as IProyal allow you to turn your computer and network into an additional source of income by exploiting your devices.

Also, Honeygain allows you to make money by selling extra bandwidth through your smartphone or computer.

Now, there are actually a lot of other companies in this field, and one of the most famous is PacketStream.

If you want to make some money by sharing your internet, we have to see the answer to these questions about PacketStream:

  • What is
  • How to earn from packetstream
  • How to sign up for packetstream
  • Download the packetstream app
  • Payment methods on packetstream
  • Proof of withdrawal from packetstream
  • Is packetstream secure or not
  • packetstream pros
  • Packetstream Cons
  • Packetstream alternatives

What is packetstream?

Packetstream is a residential proxy network that is run through peer-to-peer sharing. In simple terms, this means that Packetstream allows people and businesses to use the Internet from different IP addresses by accessing a network of nodes in their network.

You have two options for using PacketStream:

  1. Either buy extra bandwidth to use the internet from different IP addresses, like a VPN.
  2. Or sell your bandwidth on PacketStream, and let people from all over the world use your bandwidth.

We will use the second point to earn money through PacketStream.

How to earn from packetstream

You can profit from the PacketStream website by sharing your internet, by creating an account and transferring their application, and leaving it to work alone.

According to PacketStream, you earn $0.10 for every 1Gb of data you sell on the platform, meaning if you have unlimited internet and sell 50GB per month, you'll earn an extra $5...not much, but it's basically an extra source of money.

This value varies from region to region depending on the number of requests related to your region, but, if you can get a few hundred gigabytes per month, you are looking at $10 to $50 or more.

Currently PacketStream application only supports computers and supports three operating systems:

  1. MacOs
  2. Windows
  3. Linux


There is an additional way to earn PacketStream, which is by inviting friends, so you get 20% for each friend you invite, and this is for a limited time.

How to sign up for packetstream

The way to register in PacketStream is simple and uncomplicated, you need to register as "Packeter".

  • Go to
  • Choose Sign-up
  • Fill in the required information
  • user name.
  • E-mail.
  • password.
  • You click Submit.

With this, you will have created an account in PacketStream, and your account will be automatically logged in. All that remains to be done is to download the application on your device and start earning money.

Download the packetstream app

After you log in to your account, you will find in the first interface the type of your operating system automatically, which is the download box, or you can go to it at any time by clicking on Download,

You click on the image of your operating system, and the application will download with you very normally, you install it and log into your account through it, grant it some powers, and leave it running in the background.

You may have a problem with your antivirus, so enable the application to work as if it is not a virus, or turn off the antivirus before downloading and installing the application.

Payment methods on packetstream

After you reach the minimum payment in PacketStream which is $5 on Paypal, you can request a withdrawal very normally, but a 3% fee will be applied to withdrawals.

Proof of withdrawal from packetstream

I searched on YouTube and some sites for proof of withdrawal from packetstream, and I found many people who withdrew from this site very normally, and here are some pictures of proof of payment.

Is packetstream secure or not

PacketStream is a secure platform that allows you to sell extra internet to earn money. The company uses several protocols to ensure that customers use the Internet properly and do nothing illegal on your IP address. However, I still think that there are some risks to using websites like PacketStream.

PacketStream's response regarding how it guarantees the security of local proxy IPs was:

  • They filter all IP/internet usage requests first
  • Accounts that engage in illegal activity are deleted
  • IP address activity cannot charge you with anything

packetstream pros

  1. Earn money without doing anything.
  2. Withdrawal via PayPal
  3.  Minimum withdrawal is as low as $5
  4. Convenient referral program if you sign up with some friends

Packetstream Cons

  1. The profit is very low and highly variable.
  2. There are security and privacy concerns
  3. It is likely to be banned from GPT sites




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