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About Fennecinvest

Fennecinvest is a company specialized in the field of project management in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We operate a hedge fund where we pool investments from investors, enabling us to trade on their behalf and identify the best opportunities to generate profits.

Fennecinvest has achieved exceptional gains of up to 500% within a few months. In 2021, our traders achieved over 31,000% and our goal remains the same in the next bull run.

Our team works in the realm of Halal cryptocurrencies, NFTS, and Airdrops. Fennecinvest stands out in the market due to its dedicated team, transparency, active presence with investors and partners, and most importantly, delivering gains with minimized risks.

Our vision?

  •  To achieve maximum gains while adhering to Islamic laws.
  •  Creating our own cryptocurrencies.  
  •  Developing utility-based NFTs.
  •  Providing training to our investors in Halal crypto trading.

Our main headquarters:

Business Center 1, M Floor, The Meydan Hotel, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, U.A.E. 

Under license number: 2307315.01

For further information, please contact us at: Contact@fennecinvest.net

Privacy policy Fennec Invest

Fennecinvest assures its investors that all collected information is protected and no disclosure of information outside our contract occurs.

Any investment must be managed by the investor according to their risk management (never lend money to invest, never invest all of your capital). We urge you to invest with a well-studied capital so that in case of loss, it won't adversely affect your daily life.

The investor bears the loss in case it occurs.

Fennecinvest and the investor (partner) are bound by a contract which includes:

  1. Division of gains according to the chosen pack.  
  2. In the event of contract interruption by the investor, Fennecinvest withdraws 20% of its capital as compensation.

The principles of our investment are 100% in accordance with Islamic laws.

Download the Fennec Invest application:

If you have not opened an account on the Fennec Invest website, you must open an account first from here: www.fennecinvest.net

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