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About Artic Plus

ARTIC is a dynamic startup operating at the intersection of art, technology, and inclusivity, revolutionizing entertainment. We provide a platform where content creators, including artists, filmmakers and influencers, can share their work ethically and engage with a global audience. Our innovative advertising formats benefit advertisers, providing effective and engaging advertising experiences.

 ARTIC is a diverse community where inclusivity is crucial, serving creators, viewers, advertisers, and those who value ethical storytelling. Our mission is to reshape the industry, providing diverse income opportunities and a welcoming space for everyone.

Artic Plus

Artic plus app

The Artic Plus application is the first social networking application in Algeria, with 100% Algerian hands, and was created by young people from the state of Batna with their own simple capabilities.

  • It is a social networking application that is unique in having several features unlike other similar applications spread around the world. In addition, it is the first application of its kind in Algeria, but it is the first application in terms of many features in the entire world.

Target groups in Artic plus

As for the categories that Artic Plus is designed for, they are:

  1. Advertisers: As it provides them with advertisements in an easy way, 7 methods have been chosen that will be in the Artic Plus application.
  2. For users: they have the advantage of up and down settings

Features of the Artic plus application:

  • Advertising technology to which we have added many innovations.
  • Full support for users so that they have a moral and material benefit.
  • Full support for content creators.

Problems that hinder the application of Artic plus

The problems faced by the Artic Plus application development team are:

  1. Administrative matters and administrative documents in particular.
  2. Project financing.

Artic plus company

It is a start-up company with creative thinking that values ​​innovation and effective communication. We are looking for talented individuals to join our team and play a pivotal role in public relations to manage our image, monitor media coverage and communication, develop public relations strategies, and plan and implement the tasks of public relations events. We are also looking for... About specialists in artificial intelligence development initiatives.





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