aadl.dz Download the AADL3 application for the phone and explain the registration in the Algeria 3 Justice Department

inscription.aadl.dz 2024 formulaire

Download the new adll 3 2024 application. Registration processes through the Adll 3 phone application are done in a few very easy steps, and through it the registration form can be withdrawn with ease inscription.aadl.dz 2024 formulaire. The Ministry of Housing has launched a special application for registering in Adll 3 housing, Most of its features have been updated for ease of use for all levels. The application works in Arabic and can be downloaded through the official websites for downloading smart phone applications.

Download the AADL3 application

Although registration in Adal Housing is available via the website, many people prefer to use the Adal 3 application to register, for ease of dealing with it and keeping private data. The application can be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone, and then opened, and the application can be downloaded. Addl3 application on Android phones and iPhone phones via Google Play and the App Store.

 Link to download the new AADL3 2024 Android application update from here.
 App Store link from here.

Register on AADL3 by phone

AADL3 can be registered over the phone by performing the following steps.

  •  Download the AADL3 application on Google Play or Apple Store by searching for aadl3.
  •  After installing the AADL3 application on your phone, click “Register”
  •  Agree to the terms, then proceed...
  •  Choose your state.
  •  Enter the 18-digit national identification number.
  •  Enter your social security number
  •  Scan the population identification number and security number
  •  Enter your phone number.
  •  Re-enter the code sent to you.
  •  Finally, click on Confirm Data
  •  Then call the number shown in front of you to activate registration in AADL3
  •  Then click on download AADL3 form

Documents required for registration in AADL3

  1.  Birth certificate: The original copy must be submitted for both husband and wife.
  2.  National Identity Card: A valid copy of the National Identity Card.
  3.  Marriage certificate: In the case of married couples, a marriage certificate must be presented.
  4.  Bank statement: for the last 6 months.
  5.  Income Statement: An official statement showing the value of the monthly income from the employer.
  6.  In the case of self-employment, an extract is drawn up from a chartered accountant.


 Conditions for entitlement to housing units 3

Some conditions have been set that must be met by any applicant who wishes to obtain a housing unit in the Adal Housing Program 3, which are as follows:

  •  The applicant must be of Algerian nationality and have Algerian parents, and must be a permanent resident of the country.
  •  The applicant does not own his own housing unit.
  •  The applicant’s monthly salary must not exceed 118,000 dinars, and not less than 24,000 Algerian dinars.
  •  Provide all required papers and documents and they must be certified and correct.
  •  The applicant must be at least 18 years old, and must not exceed 70 years old.
  •  Providing a valid national ID card.
  •  Pay all required fees and commit to paying the installments on the specified dates. It is also preferable to pay the first installment, which amounts to 25% of the value of the residential unit.
  •  Approval of the terms and conditions of the residential unit contract.
  •  Not benefiting from any other housing support or obtaining a housing unit from the Adal Housing Program before.
  •  The applicant must not be divorced or widowed.
  •  The applicant is unable to purchase his own housing unit.




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