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Earn money from the Money SMS application

Money SMS is a free app for Android

There are many ways to profit from the Internet through the phone, and most of these methods, if you do not occupy your mind, will be very tiring until you collect a small balance in a long period of time, and your goal in collecting this amount may be to buy something on the Internet or a specific product, or you even want some money. You invest it in a small project for you as a start, or perhaps you need this money in your daily life.

Explanation of the Money SMS application

Many people are looking for profitable applications that give a lot of money in a short time, and this is crazy unless the owner of the application is promoting his application in the first place. Or if the application is a fraud, it will tempt the greedy with large sums of money in order to attract them and in the end not pay them.

These people despise applications that pay small amounts, but the application is honest and pays normally, and in most cases the payment is fast, such as the application that we will talk about today, which is the Money SMS application, which paid me the next day in which I requested the withdrawal and in less than 12 hours, because I... He requested a withdrawal at night and it arrived in the morning, which is a beautiful thing.

 In this topic, which talks about making money SMS, we will see some important points that many people are searching for, which are:

  •  What is the Money SMS program to make money from Android?
  •  How to register Money SMS
  •  Ways to profit from Money SMS
  •  Proof of withdrawal from Money SMS payment
  •  Download Money sms app for android

 What is the Money SMS program to make money from Android?

Money SMS is a free profitable application for Android phones through which you can earn money online without doing anything except installing it on your phone and you will receive SMS messages from the application system and its clients.

Download money sms app oney sms app

You can download the Money SMS application through Google Play or from the official website by going to the website and then you will find a download button that says Download APK.

How to register Money SMS

After downloading the Money SMS application and accessing it, you will find some instructions

  1.  You click on Next
  2.  It asks you to give it permission so it can work in the background.
  3.  Then press Continue
  4.  Choose the country or it will appear automatically
  5.  Enter your phone number without 0
  6.  Then click Verify

 Note: The SIM card must be in the same phone on which the application was installed in order for the profits to be calculated for you when you receive messages. This is from my personal experience, because when I put the SIM card in one phone and the application in another phone, the messages were not counted until they arrived until I returned the SIM card to the phone that was on it. Application.

In the next box, fill in this information:

  •  E-mail
  •  password

Under the password, you will find writing “I have a referral code.” Click on it and enter this code to get €0.50.
This code: P3U04FW4

  •  Then you agree to the terms and conditions
  •  You click Continue

Ways to profit from Money SMS

There are two ways in which you can earn money from Money SMS which are:

  1.  Earn money by receiving SMS text messages.
  2.  Profit through referrals and inviting friends.

Earn money by receiving SMS messages

  1.  Open the app and let it run in the background.
  2.  Leave the phone connected to the Internet.
  3.  Wait to receive messages from the system.
  4.  After receiving a message, first make sure that the application is still running in the background and then open it.
  5.  Get 0.02€ on every message sent automatically from the app.
  6.  Withdraw money after reaching the minimum withdrawal limit from Money SMS

Earn money from inviting friends and referrals

Inviting friends is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet and also the best way to profit from profitable applications. In the Money SMS application, I give you 30% of the value of the balance collected by the person you invited and withdrew. When he enters your code, he will receive a reward of 0.25€. When registering for the first time only.

Proof of withdrawal from Money SMS payment

I received a message from the website telling me that I have 2.99€, which made you very happy because frankly, I had forgotten about this application and had not accessed it for almost a year, so I re-downloaded and installed it on my phone and entered my account and actually found that summit mentioned in the message, so I passed the withdrawal request at night. The next day, the withdrawal was sent to me on PayPal. This is proof of the withdrawal from the Money SMS application on PayPal


 Under the password, you will find writing “I have a referral code.” Click on it and enter this code to get €0.50.
This code: P3U04FW4



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