Call Recorder Cube ACR


Call Recorder Cube ACR

Call Recorder Cube ACR

The most technically advanced call recorder. Recordings of phone calls and VoIP. Support call recording for most versions of Android devices. If you have ever tried to record calls using other call recording apps and you did not get a satisfactory result, try Call Recorder - Cube ACR, it works better.

Cube ACR - Call Recorder supports the following:


  • Phone calls
  • Signal
  • Skype 7
  • Skype Lite
  • Viber
  • What's up
  • Hangouts
  • Facebook
  • WeChat
  • IMO
  • LINE
  • soft
  • Telegram 6
  • Plus Messenger 6
  • And more soon!


This app uses accessibility services.

Easy to use!


  1. Record all calls automatically. Record every call when it starts;
  2. Record calls from selected contacts. Create a list of people whose call you still want to record;
  3. List of exceptions. Create a list of people whose calls will not be recorded automatically;
  4. Manual recording. Press the record button in the middle of the call to record only or part of the selected calls.
  5. Read recordings from the app. Cube ACR includes an in-app file browser that allows you to manage your recordings, play them back, delete them or export them for taking
  6. Smart speaker change. Move the phone closer to your ear when playing recordings to switch to the earpiece for private listening.
  7. Start recording. Aware of important calls;
  8. Call back and open contacts from the app.

Premium advantages:

  • Cloud backup storage. Save the call recordings to Google Drive.
  • Password lock. Protect your recordings from prying eyes and ears.
  • More audio formats. Save the recordings in MP4 quality and change their quality.
  • Save to memory card. Transfer your recordings to a memory card and use it as an automatic storage location.
  • Slide the phone for education. Move your phone while recording calls to mark important parts.
  • Intelligent memory management. Delete old unimportant calls (without a star) and ignore short calls.
  • Post-call actions. Read, share or delete the recording when the conversation is over.




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