KineMaster - for video editing


The KineMaster application is one of the best montage programs on the phone that I have seen, so that you can create a professional video from your personal phone without the need for a computer with high specifications in order to produce a professional video.

And all content makers on YouTube or other sites know the kinemaster application because of its fabulous features that you will not think of, especially if you are a beginner in the world of montage.

Features of KineMaster

  •      Works on the phone
  •      HD video industry
  •      Save the project and modify it later
  •      Delete the background of the videos
  •      Merge video with audio and image
  •      Mixing for sound
  •      Add writings to the video
  •      Add effects and animation
  •      Add creative decorations
  •      Change the voice and add effects
  •      Adjust colors with color filters

And many other features that you must discover on your own by following lessons and videos explaining the application and applying it with it until you learn more and more.


Explanation of the KineMaster program for making videos

There are many explanations of the KineMaster application on YouTube. You can enter the YouTube website or application and write in the search box “Explanation of the kinemaster application for making video montages.” Many videos will appear to you, which you can filter for the end of this month until you find a newly uploaded video, because the Kine application Master has been updated a lot.

Download kinemaster from mediafire

You can download the kine master application to make a video montage from Google Play directly or through the Mediafire file upload site, which is the easiest site to download files


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