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Traffmonetizer – Make Money Online by Simply Installing

Every month you are offered unlimited internet traffic bundles for a fixed monthly fee. Most of the time there is plenty of traffic is being left unused and your connection is idle.
Sell a part of unused traffic and start earning passive income.

Why do we pay for this? Hundreds of marketing and advertising agencies need to visit customer websites from different regions to make sure their ads are displaying properly and check the results of their efforts.
The companies pay us for data collected across different regions, while we pay you for using your internet traffic to collect this data.

Sign up TraffMonetizer

A few simple steps and you will convert the internet into money

1. Sign up for our service and get an access token here
2. Install the app
3. Add token to the app and start converting megabytes into cash

All the statistics will be shown at the account dashboard, so you can track the traffic we used along and the money you earned.

Earning money online has never been so easy.

Completely safe and secure.

Our online earning app does not cause any security issues because we only work with pre-qualified businesses operating on a KYC (know your customer) model. So it's simple to start making money online with a simple TraffMonetizer application.

How to withdraw the money?

You can withdraw the money you made online with the following payment systems:

  1. Paypal
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Payoneer
  4. Skrill
  5. Payeer

If you have any questions regarding our make money online app, just drop us a line or connect via an online 24/7 support chat.



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