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Many people are looking for a way that enables them to earn money without effort, but most of these methods do not give large profits, but if you follow a certain strategy, you can get the money you want.

You may have heard about ways to make money from sharing your bandwidth, or profit from sharing your internet, selling bandwidth and getting passive income, today we will show one of these applications, which is called Proxyrack, and we will see the most important points that you may look for About her:

What is

Proxyrack is the only proxy provider that accepts all protocols including: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and UDP. So you can fit any use case. On time and self serve, do yourself a favor.

You can also be a Peer and earn up to $0.50 for every GB you share with Proxyrack business proxy clients by sharing your internet connection.

How to profit from Proxyrack

So you can profit from Proxyrack website and get passive income easily, likes on you
Create an account within the site first,
Then you complete your information.
Install the application on your device
leave it running in the background,
And for every 1 gigabyte of internet that you share with the application, you get $ 0.5, and after you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you withdraw on PayPal.

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