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 Explanation of a plastic bank card that supports Algerians and activates PayPal with full activation + IBAN from Moneco Bank is a website that provides a service for managing personal money and family budget. The website aims to help individuals track and analyze their expenses and income and display them in an easy-to-use and understandable way. You can import your bank accounts and link them to the site to get a comprehensive view of your financial situation and manage your money better. also allows you to categorize expenses, create financial goals and monthly budgets, and track their development. The site also provides detailed reports and statistics to help you understand your spending pattern and achieve your financial goals. can be accessed through a web browser on a PC or mobile phone.

What is Moneco App

Moneco apk is the financial app for Africans moneco africa. Your EUR account and your international VISA card, accessible in 5 minutes on the Moneco app!

If you are Algerian, Ivorian, Moroccan, Malagasy, Tunisian, Senegalese, Cameroonian, Congolese, Malian, Togolese, Beninese, Burkinabe: the Moneco application is specially designed for you.

Open a Moneco App account in 5 minutes

With Moneco, no more endless account creation processes and supporting documents! Just bring your passport, photo and residence address in France, and within 5 minutes you can access an account with a French IBAN.

Order your VISA card from Moneco

With your Moneco account, you also have access to a physical payment card accepted anywhere in the world! Financial freedom and the ability to pay online and around the world is yours.

Visa card moneco app

Moneco card fees

  • Subscription: 0€/month
  • Account opening: Free
  • Debit card: €20 + €1.5 per month
  • Eurozone card payment: free
  • Bank transfer: free
  • Discount: Free
  • Withdrawals in the Eurozone: 1.5 EUR/withdrawal

Easily charge your Moneco App account

To recharge your Moneco account, nothing could be easier! You could:

  1. Make a transfer in EUR (SEPA) to your Moneco IBAN,
  2. Or add balance (use another bank card from Visa, Mastercard or CB)
  3. Or top up the balance using transfer from your Paypal account.

Send money through Moneco

Send money for free to your loved ones either via transfer (SEPA) or directly on the Moneco app (if they also have a Moneco account).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at or on our social networks!

  1. Instagram:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Twitter: monecohq

Moneco France is the payment service provider agent (#731771) of Xpollens, an electronic financial institution authorized in France and regulated by ACPR.


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