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Social studies at the intermediate level in Algeria.

In the Algerian educational system, social studies is one of the basic subjects in the intermediate level (equivalent to the middle or middle school). This article includes several main branches, including:

  • Sociology: Focuses on the study of social structures, organizations, and relationships between individuals and groups.
  • Economics: deals with economic concepts, theories, and economic activities in society.
  • History: covers the study of historical events and developments of society and civilizations.
  • Geography: includes the study of natural and human resources and human activities in the geographical field.
  • Civic Education: Focuses on concepts related to citizenship and civic rights and duties.

The social studies subject at the intermediate level in Algeria aims to provide students with basic knowledge and skills in these fields, which helps them understand society and the environment surrounding them and develop their social and civic awareness.


أفضل تطبيق في مادة الاجتماعيات  للطور المتوسط في الجزائر

Social scientist.

Sociologist is a broad field of study that focuses on understanding and analyzing human society and social interactions. This field addresses topics such as:

  1. Sociology: the study of social structure and change, and the relationships between individuals, groups, and institutions.
  2. Anthropology: The study of the cultures, beliefs, and social practices of different peoples.
  3. Political science: the study of political systems and the forces and processes that shape political society.
  4. Social Psychology: The study of how others influence the behavior and attitudes of individuals.
  5. Human Geography: The study of the spatial distribution of population, resources, and economic and social activities.

In general, a sociologist aims to understand and explain human behavior, relationships, and social structures at the individual and societal levels. It is an interdisciplinary field that uses quantitative and qualitative research approaches.

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