KineMaster Pro Video Editor Apk + Mod for Android 2021


 Explanation of KineMaster for high-quality video editing:

KineMaster Pro Video Edito
  • KineMaster is a sophisticated application according to my experience, and it is easily dealt with to edit and edit your videos, especially if you have a mobile with a wide screen and good specifications ..
  • KineMaster has a free download version that can be used by leaving the watermark as it is with features that are no less good than those who use KineMaster Pro, i.e. those who download the free version ..


° You may find it difficult to deal with the application if your mobile has a narrow or small screen, because the KineMaster application opens with a display screen, and the wider the screen of your mobile phone, the easier its use, and the better the quality of the video that you will modify.


To edit and edit a video:

Click on the + symbol in the program and choose "Project Assistant" then choose "Untitled", then you will see the "Media Browser" for your mobile phone, then you will choose the video you want to modify and bring it to the kineMaster platform to do its modification ..

After you click on the video you want to edit, the "theme" options will appear for you. It is better because you will edit it later and it is better. You can pass it by clicking on "Next" in the lower right-hand corner of your hand, then skip the "text" also by clicking on Next as in the previous step, then Skip the "soundtrack" also by clicking on "Next" and then press "Next" for the last time. Your video will be transferred to start editing it. All these steps only need a few seconds for the experienced on the application ..

Now the video has been brought to the KineMaster platform to start editing it.


  1. If you want to add features or effects to the video, the effects are the opening of the beginning, middle and end of the video clip, and you will find that some effects support the opening of the beginning, middle and end, and some of them support the beginning and end only, and some support one and so on, and to clarify the most influences or features are the opening work of the video attractive and tempting as in TV series such as So:
  2.  You can use the KineMaster effects at the beginning to provide your channel name and the title of the video and at the end to display a vertical, horizontal or cross bar with the product, actors and contributors to the video and other information as it appears at the end of the series and there are effects in the KineMaster program that support this type and each effect has advantages Different ..

-How to choose an effect:

To put a start and end effect (screen) for the video, click on the video bar below, then choose the star sign under the scissors mark and choose the effect or the start and end screen that you like, and you will find the following:

  • Nothing
  • basic title effects
  • More title effects
  • strong
  • Sentimental
  • Tours and activities
  • Get more effects

Choose the appropriate effect, then write the appropriate title and context for the video, choose the color and font size, and you will find some effects support coloring and font, and some of them do not.

Add text to video:

Click on "Layer" then choose "Text" "T" and type the appropriate text then "OK" then press "Aa" to choose the type and size of the font and for coloring, click on the coloring point under the check mark and control the enlarging of the text size and moving it from one place to another By touching and dragging on the text in the video screen you are editing.

To add sound:

Click on "My Voice" in the bottom corner on your right hand and select the appropriate music, sound, or song, then press + to add it. To control the location of the clip, whether it contains the whole video, in half, or only at the beginning, or in a specific place, click on the added section bar below and you will find it in green Approximately then move and drag, whether at the beginning or end of the clip, and to control the volume up and down, click on the section bar below, and you will see icons choose the microphone icon, and icons will also appear, and under the microphone sign, control pulling up to raise or lower the volume and this sound will be the sound of your video after modification and preservation for that Make sure to choose the appropriate volume for the video that you want to adjust. If you want to cancel the original sound of the video, press the microphone sign above the volume control and the video volume will be muted.


  1. To delete text or music or anything, click on the appropriate bar, and all of that is located under the video
  2. Then, after selecting the bar of the thing that you want to delete, click on the "delete basket icon" from the vertical bar icons on your left hand.

To add a circle, arrow, square or rectangle:

The kineMaster application provides you to add references to the video in any color you want by clicking on the "feather" icon under the text symbol "T". Symbols will appear: the point is the color marker that you want to use, then the crooked arrow by clicking on it will show you a wide pen or a sharp pen or An arrow from two sides, an arrow on one side, a rectangle, a square, or a circle, click on the thing you want to add to the video, whether it is a square, circle, or arrow, and so on and control the color from the coloring mark and by wiping or erasing by the eraser below the arrow and the size and position of the mark by touching and dragging Zoom in and out on the video screen that you are editing, and this is done after pressing the check mark in the upper corner on your right hand.


° Do not forget at every step you modify something and are satisfied with it Do not forget to press the check mark in the upper corner on your right hand so that your work will be preserved and the thing that you are modifying will appear on the V screen


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